Best 5 Adblockers For
iPhone & iPad 2017

Best 5 Adblockers For iPhone & iPad 2017

Remember the days when content used to be clean, easy-to-read and most of all - ad free? Probably not. Consumer-focused companies have found the “magical” way of making you, the consumer - the target of their ads, by offering them in your favorite places on the web. These ads can be intrusive and obnoxious, but in the end of the day - they work, and thus companies keep using them while distracting you from what you’re really there for - the content. Then ad blockers showed up and proved everyone that ads are not invincible.

Ad blockers have been around for some time now, especially when referring to web-based ad blockers. But there’s a rather new market - mobile ad blockers. And we’re here to discuss the best iOS ad blockers, so let’s get started!

What makes the best iOS Ad Blocker?

With so many great iOS Ad Blockers to choose from, you really need to know what you’re looking for. Each ad blocker takes a different approach when it comes to the actual blocking techniques and offerings. The best iOS ad blockers will prevent those annoying intrusive advertisements and will not take money from marketers in order to have their ads whitelisted.

Top ad blockers for iOS will most likely allow unobtrusive and mobile-friendly ads. This will allow content creators to make money without paying the ad blockers to whitelist them, making the entire experience much more neutral.


One of the first ad blockers available on iOS. It started as a ‘content blocker’ when first introduced in iOS 9, but quickly hopped on the ad blocking wagon. This app blocks ads, blocks user tracking and some other ‘website annoyances’.

Crystal also claims to boost your browsing performance, improve battery life and save up to 50% of your data.

Price: $0.99

Compatibility: iPhone and iPad running iOS 9 and above.

Our rating:  ★★★★★


AdBlock Prime

Probably the newest ad blocker to join the growing category of iOS ad blockers, yet still, it managed to leave us with great impression in the short time it’s been available - making it to the top of our list.

AdBlock Prime is “the best ad blocker you won’t find in the app store”. Meaning, unlike other VPN-based ad blockers, AdBlock Prime is working at the system level to fight ads before they even load, blocking them in browsers and apps alike.

Just like Crystal, AdBlock Prime promises to save you some precious data usage, to boost your overall device performance and to provide an ‘incognito-like’ experience when it comes to targeted ads.

Price: Free

Compatibility: Any iOS running devices - iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Our rating: ★★★★★

AdBlockPrime for iphone


Like Crystal, Purify was one of the first content blockers on iOS. Purify’s main selling point is that it let’s you create a custom whitelist which allows you to support your favorite content creators by NOT blocking their ads. The custom whitelist is a very nice touch that shows Purify in a positive light, and proves that ‘ethical ad blockers’ do exist.

Purify also claims to speed up your device’s performance while cutting your mobile data usage, just like most iOS ad blockers do.

Price: $1.99

Compatibility: Any devices running iOS 9.0 and above - iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Also works on MacOS

Our rating: ★★★★☆


Similarly to Purify, 1Blocker is all about customization, but it takes it to a whole new level.

This ad blocker not only allows you to add specific websites to a whitelist OR a blacklist, but it also comes with 28K preinstalled blockers which can block specific web elements like share buttons, custom web fonts, adult websites and social widgets.


Users can create a tailored blocking and browsing experience by using the web editing tool.

Price: Free with in-app purchases of $2.99

Compatibility: Any devices running iOS 9.3 and above - iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Our rating: ★★★★☆

Focus by Firefox

Yes, the name Firefox probably rings a bell. Having been in the browser business for a long time, the developers behind Firefox must know a thing or two about internet ads. That’s why they came up with this new app - Focus.

Focus by Firefox

Focus is a privacy-focused browser from Mozilla, available for the Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod touch mobile devices. Focus blocks a wide range of online trackers and will easily erase your history, passwords and cookies, so you won’t get followed by things like unwanted ads. There is a built-in automatic adblocker as well.

Focus’ slogan is “Browse like no one’s watching”, and you know what? we like it!

Price: Free

Compatibility: Any devices running iOS 9.0 and above - iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Our rating: ★★★★☆


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